T-shirt in technical fabric
Regular fit
Light D.I.W.O.® 210 GSM
Breathable technical fabric D.I.W.O.® (Dry In, Wet Out)
Round neck
      Small Freddy logo on chest


      The D.I.W.O.® fabric is specifically designed and made of polyester (A).
      Its especially designed construction (B) and a specific and exclusive treatment give this stretchy fabric a unique ability to move sweat away from your body (C).
      All garments made of D.I.W.O.® fabric keep your skin virtually dry at a constant temperature. This allow preventing and/or minimizing the unpleasant cooling sensation which occurs when you take a break, such sensation is caused by the presence of humidity between your body and the fabric.

      It is essential that you get the correct size in your FREDDY WR.UP® pants so they can accentuate your figure rather over stretch around your buttocks and crotch area. The seams are specifically designed to assist your natural curves and apply pressure to lift the buttocks. If the seams are over stretched it can cause too much pressure and could lead to damaging the pants.

      To prolong the wear of your pants it is vital you always undo the zip when putting the pants on and taking them off.

      The unique design and elastic materials make FREDDY WR.UP pants extremely comfortable but also more delicate. They need to be cherished and treated with care. 

      There is no need to allow for overstretch as the pants are a tight fit. 

      Delicate wash max 30°

      Do not bleach

      Do not tumble dry

      Do not iron

      Do not dry clean